Terms of Service

► Terms of Service
I. Your Agreement to our Terms
SharkHost services are provided to you and regulated by the following terms which can be updated at any time with or without prior notice to the client. As a viewer and/or user of the service, you hereby agree to adhere by applicable Acceptable Use Policies, agreements, and any other regulations that are applicable to your service.

By clicking and / or ticking the "I have read and agree to the Terms of Service" button upon checkout, SharkHost considers this as a digital signature, signing that you agree to the ToS.

Responsibility & Liability

► Responsibility & Liability
You are fully responsible for all activities on your account(s), server(s), and/or service(s) while using the provided service(s). You agree to report any noticed unauthorized access to your service, LAN ("Local Area Network"), or your own computer that may be a risk to your account. Upon notification, we will conduct an investigation to see if there are any abnormalities with your account and return with the results. If you do not comply with this policy, we are not responsible for any lost data or termination of service due to your own failure to report the possible breach of your security. You acknowledge that any information, data and content are of your own rights to have, meaning that you own the rights to the software or content provided, or own a license to use the content on our services.

You agree, by using the service, not to:

* harm our servers or your fellow customers.
* upload or transmit illegal files, content, data, text, racist documents, copyrighted material without prior approval of the copyright owner, obscene content, defamatory, invasive, hateful, etc. data.
* hold, post, or transmit anything of which could harm a child.
* falsely identify yourself by forging packets, headers, data, content, etc.
* collect or store any personal data about users without their prior consent.
* stalk or harass another user.
* carry out an unlawful act.
* interfere with our service.
*stalk, harass or abuse SharkHost staff.
You also agree that any SharkHost officials or entities are not liable for any content you upload, data lost, possible legal fees, etc.


► Termination
SharkHost may terminate, suspend, or remove your data at any time should we believe that you have misused our service(s) or violated our terms. You agree that this is a possibility while using our service and will do your utmost best to follow the terms to the best of your capabilities. SharkHost has the right to terminate any service(s) with or without prior warning.


► Refunds
Refunds are given by the discretion of the SharkHost sales administrators. Refunds are not guaranteed, however within the first 5 days of the server(s) being new, SharkHost will normally grant a refund if requested. Dedicated servers are not eligible for refund after they have been provisioned.

SharkHost does not provide refunds for overpayment of invoices.
Credit to be used on SharkHost services will be provided. Terminated and suspended customers will not receive a refund due to abuse of the service(s).

Any processing fees will not be refunded.
This includes any payments made via Credit Card (Stripe), PayPal fees, and any cryptocurrency mining fees, for both the initial payment, and the payment sent as a refund.


► Abuse
Abuse of our service(s) of any sort to any SharkHost hosted service will void and/or null possible support, refunds, service, or any other service provided by SharkHost and gives SharkHost the right to terminate your service(s).
SharkHost reserves the right to determine if the clients actions are deemed abusive, despite not being directly listed here.

Abuse of the service is considered (but not limited to):
* Harassment of support staff
* Posing as numerous people to "clog" support
* Sending spam or unnecessary emails to support, sales, abuse, or an entity of the service
* Using web or dedicated servers to send spam emails
* Overusage of the "fair share" of your node.
- "Fair share" is defined as the maximum amount of RAM assigned to your Minecraft server, and up to 100% CPU usage at any time. Servers using more than 100% CPU will be contacted to resolve any problems, and SharkHost will attempt to support and lower CPU usage by any given server.

* Bypassing Player Limits (N/A with unlimited slot purchases)
- Using a plugin, JAR modification, or otherwise to bypass your player / slot limit will result in a suspension or termination of your service. This list includes, but is not limited to: * NoPlayerLimit

Acceptable Use

► Acceptable Use
* Hosting of "child pornography" and / or "simulated child pornography" is strictly prohibited. If there is a complaint filed, or SharkHost has reason to suspect hosting of such files, we will investigate and take proper action. (Including suspension of the service and / or a legal report.)
* "Hacking" is prohibited on SharkHost service. (Legal action will be taken.)
* Sending a DoS or DDoS attack to or using SharkHost services is prohibited. (A legal complaint will be filed and your service terminated.)
* Using SharkHost servies as a backup or otherwise storing large ammounts of files is considered spam. The files will be removed or your account suspended.
* Network probing or port scanning tools are only permitted if explicitly authorized by the destination host and/or network. Unauthorized port scanning, for any reason, is strictly prohibited.

Changes to Terms

► Changes to Terms
We may change these terms at any time with or without prior consent of the end-user.

Last amended: 03/12/21 @ 5:46 CDT. (MM/DD/YY)

Privacy Policy

► Privacy Policy
Below you will find our Privacy Policy, regarding to your rights using the service, and those of SharkHost.


► Confidentiality
* SharkHost will respond to subpoenas, court orders or other legal filings against the user.
* SharkHost will never sell or reveal any information collected, all information (including, name, address, phone, and if supplied, company name, gender, etc.) is used for SharkHost demographic, contacting the client and / or legal matters.


► Cookies
SharkHost uses cookies to store information about the visitor.
Cookies help us know if you are a new visitor, if you had / have a live chat session open, if you were reffered by an affiliate, etc.
By using the site, SharkHost assumes you accept our use of cookies.

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